Blue Merle Australian Shepherd – The Complete Guide

The Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is undoubtedly one of the best dog breeds globally. Australians tend to have bright and lively personalities along with an energetic lifestyle. They are some of the most challenging working dog breeds globally – compared to the Border Collie. If you have decided to keep an Australian Shepherd, there are … Read more

Is Rottweiler a good dog for a family? 5 Amazing Ways to Know

The Rottweiler dog breed is a good breed that you might consider dangerous for families. Still, you might not know that they are very loyal and affectionate. But not all its species are suitable for your home. You should choose the best dog breed that is safe for your family. If you are looking for … Read more

Everything you need to know about Chihuahua puppies

Chihuahua a small dog: Males measure between 15,2-20,3 cm and females 15,2-20,3 cm with a height of 15,2 to 22.9 cm, although some can reach up to 30 cm. Its weight is between 1.5 to 3 kg. You can have long or short hair, any color (black, chocolate, cream, white, brown). Its life expectancy is … Read more

Top 15 best companion dogs breeds for family

Regardless of the activity, these companion dogs will love you to be their companion. Whether you are doing chores around the house, watching TV, or going for a walk, these breeds will be with you. Considered best suited for families with one or more children, others make ideal companions for seniors. Browse the list below … Read more

Hоw many dog breeds are there in the world in 2022?

Over 350 dog breeds globally, yet the AKС only recognizes 195 species. Dogs are one of the most diverse breeds on the planet in terms of size, and just considering their appearance, it’s hard to believe that tiny Chihuahuas and great greats scale. However, their very different ears, claws, and temperament are mainly due to … Read more

French Bulldogs dogs breed info, pictures, price & fact

The French Bulldogs is a French breed of a toy dog ​​or companion dog. First seen in the mid-nineteenth century, it resulted from cross-breeding of toy bulldogs with ratters purchased from England and local Paris. This dog with bat ears is beautiful. This glamorous-looking French Bulldogs dog is quite popular in America and other countries. … Read more

Shiba Inu dogs breed info, pictures, price & fact

Shiba Inu is a hunting breed native to Japan. It is a small to medium breed dog, which is agile and alert. The Shiba Inu was initially made for hunting. It quickly hunts small birds like wild boars. Japan is the smallest dog among the country’s six breeds (Akita, Kai, Shikoku, Keisha, Hokkaido, and Shiba). … Read more

Poodle Dog Breed Facts, price & Information

  Poodle dog is considered the most suitable breed for home and apartment keeping; it is a popular breed of puppy preferred by women. The poodle is called Poodle in German and Spanish in French. Based on breed, they are classified into four varieties, Medium Poodle, Miniature, Standard, and Toy Poodle. Of these four varieties, … Read more

German Shepherd Dogs Breed Info, Pictures, Price & Fact

German shepherd Dogs are a medium to large-sized breed which originated in Germany. It is one of the popular breeds of America. They are loyal to the owner and very courageous dogs. The German shepherd Dog, also known as the Alsatian in parts of Europe and Great Britain, is one of the top 10 most … Read more