Jhankhana Shah has been Serving Helpless Animals for 21 Years

Jhankhana Shah, a woman living in Ahmedabad, an Indian country, is leaving her job and serving helpless animals. Everyone loves animals, but Jhankhana Shah says that he started the work of serving the helpless animals not out of love, but because of their sorrow. Jhankhana’s father used to give bread and biscuits to the animals … Read more

Can dogs see a ghost and other spirits? find scary facts

Can dogs see a ghost? Is it a question that probably many of us are curious to know? Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there are two undeniable ‘facts’ (or as close to facts as you can get) about the universe to consider: Now that you know more about your dog’s keen senses, perhaps … Read more

Top 15 Best Christmas gifts for dog | Dog Christmas Presents

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Shiba inu coin cryptocurrency surges 55% After Elon Musk’s Tweet

Shiba Inu Coin Cryptocurrency is in the same discussion as Corona Virus. If you open youtube or Twitter and see, that Shiba Inu Coin and DogeCoin are two cryptocurrencies, that are being talked about everywhere. Why is this happening now? Why are both in so much discussion? And more important questions like what is? How … Read more